Multi-Channel Network




Having your videos uploaded to the internet without permission is the sincerest form of digital flattery. Our rights management team makes sure you, the rightful content owner, get paid when that happens. 

Monetize and protect your recordings and music videos on YouTube, Facebook, and more. Monetize your content re-uploaded by other users. Really, monetize all your content. It is yours after-all. 

Not only have we launched and managed creative careers, but we’re also one of the first networks to help video creators and artist monetize the content they work so hard to create. As a result, Good Times realized the need to connect content owners, content creators, audiences, and advertisers for a mutually sustainable rights and revenue model where everyone could benefit.

As our model and technology developed, so did our company culture of fresh, diverse thinkers creating intuitive technologies and services for our partners. This thriving team pioneered success for some of the biggest names in the industry.

Valuing an equal balance of talent, drive, and creativity - the GTTV team grew with an ear to the ground and a mind for innovation. Good Times TV combines scalable technology solutions, reliable sustained growth and an industry-veteran perspective to be the ideal partner for your all your video and content needs.